Let’s time travel…


…back to the beautiful era

which lasted from 1871 to 1914 aroused the desire alive in all walks of life, the urge for something new, unused, exceptional, sensational. During one week in January, the mountain village of Kandersteg, in the Bernese Oberland appears in the splendor of the Belle Époque. The ability to slip into a different role attracts. The appearance for this week takes up this point and combines nostalgia with modernity. The construction kit provides four categories – photography, shapes, colors and typography – which lead to a countless combinations and variable versatility.

The letter stem lifts off by their simple black and white appearance and joins again through the formal language with the rest of the corporate design.

The communication ahead of the week deals with color photographs, which show what is happening.

During the seven days no photograph is shown because people can experience these situations on the spot. Colored forms show the way through the village, provide information and serve as a control system. They are derived from the style of the Belle Époque and connect to the typography, which is also set as it was then. The fonts are, however, maintained modern and thus bridge the gap.

After the week black and white photographs build the retrospective. Likewise, the communication process starts all over again and promotes the Belle Époque week from next year.

The appearance is based on a visual language that is capable of change and movement. This language can be learned, used, modified and extended. The product is not an exhaustive corporate identity, but a visual concept, which demonstrates a new way to organize the communication of the event. One way that is tailored to the history and the event.






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